Heat storage ball

Refractory balls have the characteristics of strong heat storage capacity, high temperature resistance, high compressive strength, high load softening starting temperature, good spalling resistance, good thermal shock stability and excellent creep resistance.

Material: high aluminum

Size: support customization


  1. Small thermal resistance, large heat storage and good thermal conductivity;
  2. High strength and high density;
  3. Excellent thermal shock resistance and long service life;
  4. Resistant to high temperature, corrosion and erosion;
  5. In terms of replacement and cleaning, it can be reused.
  6. The specific surface area can reach 240m2/m3;
  7. It has strong anti-oxidation and anti-slag properties.

Purpose: High-aluminum regenerative balls are suitable for selection of regenerative ball combustion systems in gas and non-gas fuel industrial furnaces, regenerative heating furnaces in the steel industry, regenerative ladle roasters, and regenerative smelting furnaces in the non-ferrous metal industry. High-aluminum regenerative balls can reduce the exhaust volume of regenerative heating furnaces by 20-50%, reduce the exhaust temperature to less than 150 degrees, increase output by 15-20%, shorten the heating time of steel blanks by 50%, and reduce oxidation and burning losses. 30-50% environmental protection and energy saving effect.



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