honeycomb bricks

Size: customized

Material: corundum/mullite


Honeycomb ceramic checker brick is a heat transfer medium, mainly used in the middle and upper part of the hot blast furnace regenerator to store heat. It plays an extremely important role in the process of heating cold air into hot air.

Honeycomb ceramic checker bricks are currently widely recognized and accepted by the world’s iron-making community as a heat-carrying and heat-storage body with many superior thermal properties such as strong heat exchange capacity, large heat storage area, smooth ventilation, and low resistance.

Honeycomb ceramic lattice bricks are mainly composed of a lattice brick shell and honeycomb holes distributed in it. The honeycomb ceramic lattice brick shell can be a regular polygonal prism or cylinder. The cross-sectional shape of the honeycomb holes can be a regular polygon or a circle. The honeycomb ceramic lattice bricks The material of the checker bricks is corundum-mullite. The honeycomb ceramic checker bricks are a kind of regenerative heat exchange element. They are mainly used for heat storage and exchange of industrial furnaces such as heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, and shuttle furnaces. It has the advantages of large heat exchange area, high heat exchange efficiency, uniform pressure in the honeycomb holes, and is not easy to deform and crack.



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