Size: 390X230X115

Material: high aluminum


Standing high alumina bricks are also called standing strip high alumina bricks. They are divided into half strip bricks, standing six strip bricks, standing eight strip bricks, etc. according to different sizes. It is a shaped refractory brick made of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content, which is shaped and calcined. The vertical high alumina bricks have high softening temperature under load, strong resistance to chemical erosion, high refractoriness, and refire line The change rate is small, the brick joints are reduced during masonry, and the amount of refractory mud is reduced (lowering costs).

Usage: Vertical high alumina bricks are widely used in blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, electric furnace tops, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, rotary kiln linings, etc.




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